TravelTuT is a new communication platform for travelers that includes a forum, social network and a new system of personal blogs. TravelTuT is created to unite all the passionate about travel and gives a great opportunity to share all their adventures and experiences, photos, videos through user-friendly interface and easy website navigation.

The main idea of the project is true view of life, free of hype and media stamps. It is very easy to love the Earth, take care of it and travel. Make a step to the world and travel sincerely.

Who are the authors or TravelTuT Community?

Active travelers

  • People for whom travelling is a lifestyle as well as a way to learn the world around
  • Travel by plane, by train, by bus, by car, by bike, on foot, hitchhike, ride a motorcycle
  • continuously improvise, eating in the restaurants or from the street stands, spending the night in hotels and apartments, monasteries, in a private flat or in a tent
  • do active or extreme sports, make a mountain tracks or pilgrim`s paths
  • can live in a new country for a long time or do a journey round the world
  • see the world with its positive and negative points without any illusions
  • In their real stories share their experience how and where it is possible to travel. They write interesting, add beautiful photos and videos, doing their stories living and clear for readers, and give an impulse to travel individually.

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We invite authors, according to some criteria. A story has to be interesting from the beginning, the content has to be actual, photos and videos have to attract attention even they made on mobile phone. We learn activity of each new author, appreciate his/her works, based on the criteria above, and then give access for placement of stories.

Only authors can place their stories on the home page of our website. It creates interesting, unique and useful content to attract a large readership.